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This page contains completed work with linked sites copyrighted by the publisher and ordered by year. Some articles are OPEN ACCESS. If you want articles curated by topic, please choose the appropriate tab on the research page. Please read my use policy if you download from this site. Use Policy. You may also wish to check out my ResearchGate page if an earlier version of the paper is adequate for your needs. For a more complete record, visit my ORCID site. There are errors on the Google Scholar record that bots perpetuate.


Brooks, Mary R. (2023). Safer Ships and Cleaner Seas: Reducing Vessel Risks through Targeted Inspections and Recognized Organization Oversight, Ocean Yearbook 37, Brill Nijhoff, pp. 411-430, Available online 26 May 2023.


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Bingham, Paul, Michael Bomba, Mary R. Brooks, and Juan Carlos Villa (2019). International Trade and Transportation at the Centennial of TRB. Washington DC: Transportation Research Board. OPEN ACCESS.

Now Released: Technical Report: Regulation in the liner shipping industry: pathways to a balance of interests. OPEN ACCESS. This research was conducted with colleagues at the University of Antwerp (Hilde Meersman, Christa Sys, Thierry Vanelslander and Eddy Van de Voorde) and is intended to provide regulators some insights in the findings of multidisciplinary research regarding the review of the Consortia Block Exemption Regulation No 697/2014 of 24 June 2014.


OPEN ACCESS: The Future of Ocean Governance and Capacity Development: Essays in Honour of Elisabeth Mann Borgese (1918-2002), edited by the International Ocean Institute Canada. Essays by more than 80 experts including eight on marine transportation, edited by Mary R. Brooks. The book was published in September. My own essay, entitled National Shipping Policies and International Ocean Governance, is found on pages 450-455.

Brooks, Mary R. and Sheila Farrell (2018). The Principles Underlying Port Policy: Are They Still Relevant Today? International Journal of Shipping, Transport and Logistics (special issue in honour of Richard O. Goss [Paul T.W. Lee and Kevin B. Cullinane, eds.]), volume 11, issue 5, pages 405-421. DOI: 10.1504/IJSTL.2019.10022850. 

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Brooks, Mary R. and Gordon Wilmsmeier (2017).  A Chilean Maritime Highway: Is It a Possible Domestic Transport Option? Transportation Research Record, 2611, 32-40. The DOI is 10.3141/2611-04. The paper was presented at TRB in January (see the speeches and webinars page for a copy of the presentation).

Brooks, Mary R., Kevin B. Cullinane and Athanasios A. Pallis (2017). Revisiting Port Governance and Port Reform: A Multi-country Examination, Research in Transportation Business & Management, 22, 1-10. Click here to go to ScienceDirect to download. (There may be a fee.) If you are interested in a listing of all the articles in the volume, click here for a listing of all the articles with direct links to the ScienceDirect purchase site for each.

Brooks, Mary R. (2017). A new direction or stay the course? Canada’s port-specific challenges resulting from the port reform program of the 1990s, Research in Transportation Business & Management, 22, 161-170. Click here to go to ScienceDirect to download. (There may be a fee.)

Rezaee, Sara, Mary R. Brooks and Ronald Pelot (2017). Review of Fishing Safety Policies in Canada with Respect to Extreme Environmental Conditions and Climate Change Effects. WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs, 16, 1-17.

Online Article: Brooks, Mary R. (2017). Disruption on the Docks: How Automated Terminals Could Impact Global Trade, Reconnecting Asia, February 7.


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Brooks, Mary R. and Stephen Ison (2015), Themed Volumes: A Blessing or a Curse? in The Challenges of Journal Start-up in the Digital Era, a Special Issue of Publications, 3, 174-189. (To download and view this OPEN ACCESS article, click here.)

Brooks, Mary R. and Tony Schellinck (2015). Measuring port effectiveness: Does supply chain partner performance matter? Transportation Research Record, 2479, 42-48. DOI: 10.3141/2479-06.


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Brooks, Mary R. and Athanasios A. Pallis (2013), Editorial: Advances in Port Performance and Strategy, is now available for the Special Issue on this topic available from Elsevier’s Research in Transportation Business and Management. If you want a listing of the articles, with links to their ScienceDirect location, please click here.

Brooks, M.R., Pelot, R., Reuchlin, J.W. and Rezaee, S. (2013). Dalhousie Marine Piracy Project: Non-Operational Predictive Indicators of Piracy: Identifying Potential Outbreaks. (Marine Affairs Program Technical Report #10). 

Brooks, Mary R. and Jason Mackey (2012), Will the Rotterdam Rules Be Accepted? A Liner Cargo Interest Perspective, in International Law as a Force for Change: Essays in Honour of Hugh M. Kindred, Robert J. Currie & Phillip M. Saunders (eds.), Dalhousie Law Journal, 35 (2), 267-294. Available for download: Brooks_Mackey Vol 35 No 2

Mary R. Brooks and Tony Schellinck (2013), Measuring Port Effectiveness in User Service Delivery: What Really Determines Users’ Evaluations of Port Service Delivery? Research in Transportation Business & Management, Available online at


Brooks, Mary R. and Athanasios A. Pallis (2012), Classics in Port Policy and Management, Camberley, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing. 

‘Mary Brooks and Thanos Pallis have sculpted this voluminous and impressive tome from some of the best historical work on the topic of maritime transport. By so doing, they have provided researchers in the field with a highly useable and informative first port of call for any investigation of previous work.’
– Kevin Cullinane, Edinburgh Napier University, UK

Brooks, Mary R., Sean M. Puckett, David A. Hensher and Adrian Sammons (2012), Understanding Mode Choice Decisions: A Study of Australian Freight Shippers, Maritime Economics and Logistics, 14, 274-299. doi:10.1057/mel.2012.8. Winner of the 2011 IAME Best Paper Prize and the 2012 Korea Association of Maritime Industry Prize.  

Brooks, Mary R. and James D. Frost (2012), Providing freight services to remote Arctic communities: Are there lessons for practitioners from services to Greenland and Canada’s northeast? Research in Transportation Business and Management. Available online 30 June 2012, ISSN 2210-5395, 10.1016/j.rtbm.2012.06.005.

Brooks, Mary R. (2012), Maritime Cabotage: International Market Issues in the Liberalization of Domestic Shipping, in The Regulation of International Shipping: International and Comparative Perspectives: Essays in Honor of Edgar Gold, Aldo Chircop, Norman Letalik, Ted L. McDorman and Susan Rolston (eds), Leiden: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 293-323.

Some Earlier Publications

Books, Monographs and Chapters in Books

Brooks, Mary R. and A. A. Pallis (2011), Port Governance. In: Wayne T. Talley (ed.) Maritime Economics – A Blackwell Companion, Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 491-516.

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Brooks, Mary R. (2005), The Jones Act Under NAFTA and Its Effects on the Canadian Shipbuilding Industry, a report for the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, pp. 64. (This refereed research report for government was commissioned by the Department of Foreign Affairs in 2003 and has been reprinted by the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies in September 2006.) OPEN ACCESS

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Other Downloads Frequently Requested

Brooks, Mary R. (2011), North American Perimeter Security: How Best to Keep Trade Moving? TR News, Washington, DC: Transportation Research Board, July-August, 37-43. Copyright owned by the U.S. National Academies.

(Abstract: The hardening of the U.S.–Canada border for security has affected trade since September 11, 2001. The new Beyond the Border vision of perimeter security, however, has renewed interest in refining and retuning the two nations’ relationship in security, trade, and transportation; the author traces problems to be addressed, as well as joint initiatives to expect.)

Transportation Research Board (2009) Special Report 297: Funding Options for Freight Transportation Projects, Washington: TRB. OPEN ACCESS

Brooks, Mary R. (2004), The Governance Structure of Ports, Review of Network Economics: Special Issue on the Industrial Organization of Shipping and Ports, 2, 2, 169-184. OPEN ACCESS

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