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Dr. Mary R. Brooks

What’s New?

The COVID-19 Pandemic limits consulting work to that which can be undertaken virtually (a challenge globally shared by many international consultants). Still, visit the ‘Service and Boards’ tab has three new activities and the Research tab has new content.

Now Released (OPEN ACCESS): Mary R. Brooks, Geraldine Knatz, Athanasios A. Pallis and Gordon Wilmsmeier (2020). Transparency in Governance: Seaport Practices. This research is timely given Canada’s Port Modernization Review.

Accepted for publication. James D. Frost and Mary R. Brooks (2020). Seeking Economic and Social Success with Sustainable Urban Ferry Services, in Handbook of Public Transport, Eds: Corinne Mulley, Stephen Ison and John Nelson, Routledge.

Honoured by the National Academies, February 2020. Dr. Marcia McNutt, President of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, has named Mary R. Brooks as a National Associate of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. The National Associates program was established to recognize exceptional pro bono service to National Research Council activities and programs.

Media Article: Brooks, Mary R. (2019). Opinion: How should North American ports be preparing for shifting trade routes? Alexandria, VA: AAPA Seaports Magazine, 4th quarter, p. 25.

New Publication: A Transportation Research Board Centennial Paper on the history of the International Trade and Transportation committee. Visit the Publications tab for the link to this article.

Two Presentations: Port Governance and Port Reform: Concepts and Rationales, a workshop in Bogotá on September 23 at Universidad de los Andes, and Sustainable Development and Ocean Governance: A Shipping and Ports Perspective, at World Maritime Day 2019, September 16, Cartagena. (See Speeches and Webinars tab for downloads.) 

Now in print: Mary R. Brooks and Sheila Farrell (2019). Port Policy: Are The Goss Principles Still Relevant Today? International Journal of Shipping Transport and Logistics (special issue in honour of Richard O. Goss [Paul T.W. Lee and Kevin B. Cullinane, eds.]), Vol. 11, No. 5, 405-421. 

Technical Report Released (Research Update): Current research has been focused on liner shipping regulation. A Technical Report on EU options for the European Consortia Block Exemption with University of Antwerp colleagues is now available. Taking a comparative perspective to look at 8 countries (U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Korea and Australia), there is a clear need for global multi-lateral adjustments to the regulations. There is now a Technical Report, the accompanying press release, and the poster (find on the speeches and webinars page) for the presentation at the meeting of the International Association of Maritime Economists in Athens in June 2019. Earlier research was presented in London in September 2018 (also on the speeches page).

Open Access: The Future of Ocean Governance and Capacity Development: Essays in Honour of Elisabeth Mann Borgese (1918‐2002), edited by the International Ocean Institute Canada. Essays by more than 80 experts including eight on marine transportation, edited by Mary R. Brooks. If you want to know more about this remarkable woman, click here.

Media article: Opinion: Why is the Ports Modernization Review not transparent? Ottawa: The Hill Times, Monday February 25, 2019, p. 28. Not a subscriber? Click here for the text. Update: The consultant’s report to Transport Canada on the Review is also not available to the public. Surely a case for Freedom of Information?

Thoughts on the Future: UNCTAD’s Review of Maritime Transport was 50 in 2018. To mark the 50th anniversary, UNCTAD published an RMT50 Special Issue, 50 Years of Review of Maritime Transport, 1968-2018: Reflecting on the past, exploring the future. It showcases UNCTAD RMT research, analysis and data with interesting and diverse perspectives, over the past, the present and the future. MRBTC assisted UNCTAD in developing this publication by providing content (Chapter 4), and editorial support. It was released November 23rd, and Hellenic Shipping completed an excellent overview of the publication in its December 12th issue.

Significant honour: Winner of the Onassis Prize in Shipping 2018. Announced on April 20th 2018 by the City University of London, Mary R. Brooks wins the Onassis Prize in Shipping 2018. The Shipping Prize was shared with Professor Wayne Talley. Three Onassis Prizes—in the fields of finance, international trade and shipping, the disciplines in which Aristotle Onassis excelled—recognize the lifetime achievement of experienced academics. Download the official Press Release. Dalhousie University has also written an excellent article in Dal News on it. The story was also covered by Modern Diplomacy.

I am so honoured to have been chosen as one of two recipients of the 2018 Onassis Prize in Shipping. … No great journey of discovery is ever completed alone, and my success is shared with all the colleagues and mentors who worked with me over the years.

About Us
My transportation practice focuses on understanding my clients’ needs and helping them create value for those they serve. This may range from conducting credible research, acting as an expert witness, seeking answers to “too hard” questions, running a focus group or providing corporate education in the transportation management and international marketing fields. As an educator, I delight in helping companies bring staff skills in middle and senior management to a higher level of critical thinking.

My research and consulting work focuses on transportation and global supply chain management, and I am particularly interested in the relationships between the buyers and sellers of transportation services, and how regulators set the rules of engagement for that relationship. With a keen interest in how to make Canadian supply chains better, and enthusiasm for the world of shipping and ports, I founded the Port Performance Research Network in 2001 to examine how to make ports more effective in adding value to their users’ supply chains through governance reform and benchmarking. That network has gone viral, with 60 scholars around the globe. I have also been passionate about the world of liner regulation, and am most keen to see carriers, shippers and ports balance their interests in a collegial way. Finally, since 2003, I also have had an active research program in the area of short sea shipping, as I believe that we need to move as much cargo by sea as possible in order to do our part to mitigate climate change impacts from goods movement. Encouraging modal switching, urging regulators to understand the complexities of this industry, and convincing ports to care about creating value for customers have become my wicked challenges. 

Contact Information
Mobile: +1-902-818-2539

Download my CV by clicking on the link: Current CV