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This page links to content from speeches and webinars since 2011.


Brooks, Mary R. and Christa Sys(2023). The changing landscape in competition policy for liner shipping companies. Presentation to the International Association of Maritime Economists Annual Conference, Long Beach California, September 6. Click here for the presentation handout.


Canadian Transportation Research Forum (James D. Frost and Mary R. Brooks), Sustainable Urban Ferries: The Halifax Case, June 13. Click here for the presentation handout.

Canadian Transportation Research Forum Briefing on National Academies Press Special Study Report 343: Strengthening U.S. Coast Guard Oversight and Support of Recognized Organizations: The Case of the Alternative Compliance Program, Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. Click here for the original report: Https://doi.org/10.17226/26450. Click here for the CTRF Briefing June 15.


Canadian Transportation Research Forum (Mary R. Brooks, Geraldine Knatz, Athanasios A. Pallis and Gordon Wilmsmeier), Visibility in Canadian Port Governance Transparency: What Do Stakeholders Expect? Proceedings of the Canadian Transportation Research Forum, May 18, Fredericton, NB. Click here for slides or paper.


International Association of Maritime Economists, Transparency in Seaport Governance, Presentation, June 11.

Canadian Transportation Research Forum, Panel online, 25 May, on the Port Modernization Review [Slides].

MacEachen Institute for Public Policy Panel online, 12 May, on The Challenges for Tourism in Atlantic Canada. Slides. For information on the individual cruise line intentions in Europe as guidance, check out this graphic. Look for updates at PortEconomics.eu.


Presentations in Colombia: Port Governance and Port Reform: Concepts and Rationales, a workshop in Bogotá on September 23 at Universidad de los Andes. Available in English and Spanish. World Maritime Day Parallel Event 2019. September 16, Cartagena Bogota. Sustainable Development and Ocean Governance: A Shipping and Ports Perspective

A presentation to the International Association of Maritime Economists took place late June in Athens. The topic was recent research with University of Antwerp colleagues on the EU Consortia Block Exemption. For the Technical Report visit the publications page. Poster

Dr. Brooks was a speaker at the regulatory watch panel at the June 3-5 Canada Trade 2019 Conference put on by the Journal of Commerce. Ottawa Watch: The Regulatory Landscape for Ports, Forwarders, and Shippers.


The presentation to FEPORT’s (Federation of European Private Port Companies and Terminals) Annual Stakeholders Conference, Brussels on November 29 was well attended. The topic was Competition Policy and Liner Shipping Regulation: A Personal Perspective, expanding slightly the presentation at the Chairman’s Forum on the 25th of September.

A day earlier (November 28), the public lecture at the University of Antwerp, Belgium Measuring Port Performance: Lessons from North American Research, explored this stream of research over the years (for publication links see the publications tab, for a discussion see the research tab).

For those of you interested in the interview with Bob Bowman of SupplyChainBrain after winning the 2018 Onassis Prize in Shipping, the podcast of that interview is now available.

The presentation at MacEachern Institute’s Policy Matters Forum on the Port Modernization Review on October 30 was to a packed room. Click here to download the slides.

The Onassis Prize in Shipping 2018 lecture on 24 September 2018 is now available for download. Title: Port Governance & Port Reform: What are the Lessons We Should Learn?

The Chairman’s Forum presentation at City University on 25 September 2018 is now available for download. Title: Rethinking Competition Policy and Liner Regulation.

The Onassis Prize acceptance speech can be downloaded now by clicking on the link.

The speech on Challenges Facing the Shipping Industry in Canada to the Workshop on Contemporary and Emerging Challenges of Shipping in the Northwest Atlantic and Eastern Arctic, Dalhousie University, Halifax, 30 August 2018 is not available for download.

To an invited audience, Dr. Brooks gave a presentation entitled When Are Marine Highways Successful? Lessons from Experiences in Other Countries at Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN, on 23 January 2018.

Earlier in the month (on 8 January 2018), she gave a presentation entitled The Future of Transportation Infrastructure: What? Where? How? (A Marine Perspective) to the Transportation Research Board (session 329).


Professor Emerita Mary R. Brooks was the luncheon speaker at the Canadian Transportation Research Forum meeting in Winnipeg on May 30, 2017. The talk presented the recently released Council of Canadian Academies report.

Dr. Mary R. Brooks spoke at the 2nd Annual Dalhousie Workshop on Supply Chain and Logistics Management on the topic The Impact of the Rise of Populism on Global Supply Chains in Halifax on May 8, 2017.

Dr. Mary R. Brooks gave a presentation on A Chilean Maritime Highway: Is It a Possible Domestic Transport Option? to the Transportation Research Board (session 816) on 11 January 2017.


Dr. Mary R. Brooks gave a presentation on Measuring Fluidity in Maritime Supply Chains at the International Association of Maritime Economists meeting in Hamburg on the 25th of August. This presentation was a variation of the first two presentations made in 2016.

Dr. Mary R. Brooks gave a talk entitled Finding Maritime Transport Related Opportunities for Happy Valley – Goose Bay to Expo Labrador 2016, Goose Bay NL, on the 28th of June 2016. A copy of the presentation is available by email: maryrbrooks@mac.com

Professor Emerita Mary R. Brooks was invited to speak at the 1st Annual Dalhousie Workshop on Supply Chain and Logistics Management on the topic Assessing the effectiveness of supply chain fluidity efforts in Halifax on May 27, 2016.

Dr. Mary R. Brooks presented to Canadian Transportation Research Forum, 3 May, Toronto on the topic: Do we need to assess service delivery at Canadian ports?


Dr. Mary R. Brooks gave a talk entitled Success Through Customer Service to the American Association of Port Authorities’ Commissioners Seminar, Halifax, on the 17th of June 2015. A variation on this talk was given at the EconShip 2015 conference in Chios Greece the following week.

Dr. Mary R. Brooks was invited to speak on a subject of her choice at the Maritime Research Symposium in Gothenburg, Sweden in February 2015. This symposium was established to celebrate the 275-year anniversary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in collaboration with the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, and is only the second such symposium in the history of the RSAS. Her talk, entitled Shipping Regulation, Trade Realities and Social License: the promise (or not) of short sea shipping, is now available for download by clicking on the title. (FYI: A shorter version of this presentation was made at the Canadian Transportation Research Forum in May 2015 and a brief write up added to the Proceedings. Click here for the synopsis published, pages 599-604.)

Measuring port effectiveness: Does supply chain partner performance matter? Presented to Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting, Washington DC, January 12. (This paper is written with Tony Schellinck). Click here for slides.


The State of Port Performance Research, Presentation to Maritime Administration Program, Texas A&M at Galveston, Galveston, October 31.

Presentation made to the Canadian Transportation Research Forum, 2 June 2014, in Windsor Ontario Port Investment and Container Shipping Markets: Lessons for Canada?; summary available in the Proceedings.

Discussant: Looking to the Future: Assets & Challenges Panama – Suez (Session 3a), Transportation Research Board Panama Canal Workshop, Sunday January 12.


Bolstering Business by Better Understanding Port Customers and Users, presentation to the American Association of Port Authorities meeting in Chicago. June 27.

What will Panama Canal Expansion Mean for Atlantic Canada? presentation to the Atlantic Provinces Transportation Forum meeting Halifax, June 12. This link takes you to the Centre where you can click on the program; the presentation is not available for public distribution.

Measuring Port Effectiveness, a panel presentation at the Canadian Transportation Research Forum, Halifax. June 11. Click here for a copy: CTRF Port Performance June 2013.


Measuring Effectiveness of Port User Service Delivery, presentation to the Ad-Hoc Expert Meeting on Assessing Port Performance at United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Geneva, Switzerland, December 12. The Main Outcomes and Summary of Discussions is now available.

Global Short Sea Shipping Trends and Opportunities and Key Factors in the Development of Short Sea Shipping in Canada and Australia, two presentations to the Armasur Conference in Puerto Montt, Chile, August 24.

The Business of Shipping: Trade Realities and Public Policy. An annual lecture for the International Oceans Institute, Halifax, July 5.

Measuring Port Effectiveness in User Service Delivery at the Transportation Research Board, Committee on the Marine Transportation System Meeting on Diagnosing the Marine Transportation System: Measuring Performance and Targeting Improvement, Washington, DC, June 26.

The Panama Canal Expansion: What Will It Mean for North American Trade? Do We Know? Presentation to the Federal-Provincial Atlantic Gateway Meeting, Halifax, April 18.

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